School is Almost Over!

Hi, it is hmsleilani and today I am going to be talking about how my school is almost over.

I am so excited for school to finally be over. I will also miss some of my classmates who will be leaving next year. This year was probably one of the most challenging years because it is seventh grade. I feel like the seventh grade is also the years where most people change themselves. Like they start to grow up and face challenges. I have done a lot of work this year and I also have gotten honor roll for all of my trimesters.

We barely had a visitor this year, but we will be having one tomorrow. There are only eighteen of us and maybe less because quite a few people will be leaving next year. My dad had signed my sister and me up for summer school. Which is not too bad. We only have about three more weeks until school ends. I can’t wait for the last day of school because we don’t get to do any work and we don’t get to have homework. Well obviously because it is the last day of school. Sometimes, we get to do fun activities.

I also can’t wait until I am in eighth grade. Also, it can be hard since we will be the oldest grade and all the little kids will be looking up to us. So that means that we have to put away all childish things. This year went by really fast. it almost felt like yesterday that we just started our third trimester. I think that there won’t be a lot of people in our class next year. We started with quite a few students. Like about 27. Now we only have 18 which is pretty sad. I also like it when we have a small class so it is easier to keep track of everyone.

Well, that is all for today,


Trimester 3 Portfolio

Hi, it is hmsleilani and today I am going to be talking about my third-trimester portfolio.

This year flew by really fast. I am super excited for next year. We have done a lot this past third-trimester. I have a lot to talk about for almost each of the core classes. Since there were big projects more most of them. In science class, we had a really big project/field tip. It was called the OPHI. Check out my POL blog post here! We had to go in groups and it took a really long time training and practicing. It was excited but also nerve wrecking at the same time since we didn’t know what other creatures could be in the water besides algae.

In social studies class, we had a business project. We had to pick a partner and decide what we will be selling to other students in other grade levels. My partner and I decided to do thumbprint cookies. If you don’t know what they are, then they are basically cookies dented in the middle and filled with jam. We made more than 200 cookies which were a lot. We sold more than half of the batch we made which was really impressive. We also had class money decided by the students. The vote was which one we liked the best. My older sister asked me if she and her friends can come to our little business sale and so we asked out social studies teacher, he said sure. I would say that we did a pretty good job.

We did a lot this past trimester. I would say that those would be one of the biggest projects of third-trimester. Also the math project too, but we hadn’t had it yet and if we do, then I might update you guys on it. Or I might have something to talk about with you guys. The math project is like the biggest grade besides math tests. We have a math project every single trimester. I can’t wait to see what next year has to come with all the new projects and the new assignments whcih would seem harder to do since we would be in eighth grade.

Well, that is all for today,


Track Meet

Hi, it’s hmsleilani and today I am going to talk about a track meet.

A track meet is basically when your school and other schools come to compete for sports activities. We are going tomorrow and will be spending almost the whole entire school day there. I signed up for the standing long jump, cornhole, the sack race, and the 60-yard dash. I am also on the girls’ relay team and will be guaranteed a third place. Well if we do really good then we might even win first or second place. It is a really far drive from our school. I think there will be a total of 4 schools but I am not too sure.

There are also other activities that you can choose to do. Like ladder ball, football throw, softball throw, and hurdles. I like to sign up for the easy ones because it is more likely of a chance that I might get an award. The relay teams are chosen by how fast you can run. The girls would run against girls to see who is the fastest and put them in the relay team. There is also a co-ed team too. It is basically two girls and two boys running with from the same school. There are ribbons for the winners from seventh or sixth place. I never really get first place because I am not that good at sports.


The sack race is the final race. It is mixed with boys and girls going against each other. Last year, my sister and my friend got first and second place. It is also really hot there too. We can bring snacks if we would like to and I normally like to bring some because I can get bored waiting for my turn. Running on the relay team can be very stressful and nerve-racking. There are so many people watching you and counting on you to win. I was on the girls’ relay team last year and we came in third place. That isn’t so bad but there was only three girls relay team. So that kind of means that we came in the last place.

Well, that’s all for today,


POL – Presentation of Learning

Hi, it’s hmsleilani and today I am going to tell you guys about POL.

POL stands for Presentation of Learning. The POL is basically when you show parents what you and your classmates have learned from the past year. This year, we did the OPIHI. We have been training for this for a really long timeWe were divided into 6 different groups and we presented what topic we wanted to the parents that came into our classroom. It was kind of nerve-wracking but a little fun at the same time. My group and I picked to do the Mock Intertidal Zone. It is basically creating a model of the intertidal zone and showing how we used the intersecting line and the quadrat.

While on the field trip of OPIHI, some of the eighth graders took pictures of us and made a slideshow for us to use during the Learning Showcase. Another name for people to call the OPL if Learning Showcase. The pictures were us at the Sand Island Beach Park trying to find algae and measurements. We showed the parents how we used the quadrats and the measurements to find the percentage. We had the first topic in mind but another group took it so we chose the Mock Intertidal. The first topic we wanted was the safety rule, which was really easy. There was also a sampling topic where you show parents algae that we have collecting during the field trip.

At the end of the first learning showcase that we have presented, we got ice cream. We couldn’t finish our ice cream in time because we had to go to Taiko. We had another presentation their too. We taught some of the parents taiko and performed a song called “Together”. I was kind of scared that I would have messed up because that was my first performance of taiko. Every time it was time to switch out, a loud bell would ring all the time which would sound like a fire drill at first.  It was pretty fun because it was different from last year. The slideshow had some funny pictures of us too and we were laughing, but the music sounded very sad.

Well, that’s all for today,


Opihi Field Trip at School

Hi, it’s hmsleilani and today I am going to tell you guys about today’s field trip to Sand Island Beach.

So today, we went on a field trip to Sand Island Beach. It was for science. We are studying algae right now. We have practiced with our groups for the intertidal and try to find what kind of algae lives in that area. It was really fun, but there were a ton of rocks and it was hard for me to get down to the ocean and get back up to the land area because the rocks were so steep. The ocean was also really steep too since there were rocks and ditches in them.

It was a group of 3 in each group. I was always really scared if I were to fall because there were so many sharp rocks and it could hurt me. The teacher said that there may be some people who get hurt, but there weren’t really many people who did. I was lucky that I didn’t get hurt because the ocean water would have hurt. Some of the rocks we had to be careful stepping on because there were some algae or living things on them. I was happy that I never got stung because it would have hurt so much. It was kind of stressful too because the sand kept on going into our shoes on the way to the ocean.

Also, there were airplanes that kept on flying past us and it was so annoying because we couldn’t hear what our teacher was saying. When the sand got into my shoes, it felt like sand piles because it was a really long walk to the ocean and every time I took a step, more sand would have gotten into my shoes. I didn’ really want t touch the algae because it looked really weird and gross. I was glad when we got back to school because that meant that I would be cleaned. We also got some snacks after we came back from the Sand Island Beach. There were some really spikey thorns that poked out of all the bushes. It was a really fun day though.

Well, that’s all for today,


Movies with my Friends

Hi, it’s hmsleilani and today I am going to talk about my friends and I going to the movies.

We went yesterday and it was so much fun. My friends Mari, Jojo, and Shayann all went with my mom and my sister to the movies. We went to watch 5 feet apart. It was a really sad but very interesting story to watch. We got a large popcorn to share and my friend snuck in a snack to eat. We also got a slushie and when we left, my sister and I got french fries. I would definitely watch it again with my other sister because she wanted to watch it too. I couldn’t stop thinking about it after when the movie ended because there were so many questions that I wanted to ask about the movie.

The movie is about these people who have cystic fibrosis. The main characters are named Stella, Will, and Poe. I didn’t want to leave my seat until the movie finished, but I had to because I needed to use the bathroom. I was so excited to see the movie. I don’t want to spoil it for you guys so you might just want to watch it yourself. You would probably have some questions too. One of my friends already watched it with her mom, so she basically knows what was about to happen. At school, she explained what some parts of the movie were which made me want to watch it even more. She didn’t spoil it for us though.

I have seen the trailer on YouTube and I was like I really wanted to watch it. I didn’t really understand what it was about at first because the trailer basically jumped some parts out. I explained to my other sister what happened during the movie, and she said that she wanted to watch it too. So I am really hoping that I could watch it again because it was such a good movie to watch. You guys should go check out the movie at Ward Theaters.

That’s all for today,


Spring Break Plans

Hi, it’s hmsleilani and today I am going to talk about my plans for this upcoming Spring Break.

This spring break my friends and I are planning a play date or sleepover over the spring break. My sister and I are basically kind of busy over the spring break. We are seeing a lot of our friends too. We are also probably going to stay at the restaurant when we are free, so we aren’t going to be home for a while. This is the last week before the spring break starts and I am so excited.  We have planned these hangouts for over one month and so excited to finally be going.

Our first hangout is going to be a sleepover. We are sleeping at a friends house that lives in Kailua. We will be going to the mall, the beach, and even going to do a baking challenge. We are also going to do a challenge that will last for almost the whole entire day. We will be eating with it, sleeping with it, and basically doing everything with it. I am not going to spoil the challenge but I know it’s going to be pretty fun.

We also have a little hangout another day too. On the way to our friend’s house, we will be taking another friend with us. Our spring break only lasts for one week while my sister’s spring break will last for about two weeks. So she will have more fun time to see her friends and more break time than we do. My sister and I haven’t started packing yet, but I always get really excited. We have other plans for the spring break too but I wanted to tell you guys this upcoming sleepover and hangout. Now that the date is getting closer, we definitely know what we will be doing.

Well, that’s all for today,


Trimester Awards

Hi, it’s hmsleilani and today I am going to talk about this past 2nd trimester.

I think that I did pretty good because I got a total GPA of 3.78. I hope that it’s good for a seventh grader at the HMS. I think I had about 2 B’s and one A-. I was actually really happy that I got an honor roll. We got some chocolate candy and an award paper signed by the principal. That was also the day that our penpals left us. Check out my other blog about the Keiai Visit. It was also raining hard too and after we came back outside, we all were wet.

After we got our rewards, we all played Twister. It was by grade level so eighth grade when first and then us and then the sixth graders. My hair got in the way but luckily for me, someone tied it up. My sister and I were tied because we were the last ones standing or playing Twister. We also went to the temple side later for the Spring Higon Service our school always does. I didn’t win anything, but at least I got an award for Honor roll and I am pretty sure that was it.

One of the topics was a class that I wasn’t in. Another one was a bright link award that one of my classmates won. There were others too that they had given awards to. We sat with our buddies when our classmates got their awards. The person who wins gets a paper contract thing and that is what the people got for the trimester awards of the honor roll and the head of school.  The only person who signs the contract is the principle.

Well, that’s all for today,


Keiai Visit

Hi, it’s hsmleilani and today I am going to talk about the keiai students that came to HMS.

Hanging with our penpal was so much fun. My sister and I had a total of 3 penpals. I had one and my sister had two penpals. The first day I was so excited to meet them because we had been writing to each other for so long. It felt good to see them in person rather than just seeing them in pictures. We went to the social hall and the temple. We did our temple service kind of the Japanese way. Our school and their school exchanged gifts with each other. We did some presentations and they even made a mini quiz or game for us to play. On the first day, we took them home to hang with our dogs because I didn’t want Beast to bark at them all night.

The second day we all went to Sea Life Park. We had to go into groups since there were a bunch of us. Going there was a really long ride and I was really tired. I was going to check my phone on the way there to see if my finger was turned off, but then I forgot that I had left my phone at home. I got a bit mad, but at least I had my penpal to hang with. I was in group black which is group nine and the last group. We went to see the dolphins and even went into the birdcage. I was scared if a bird would have landed on me. We then went for a little snack at the snack bar before we left. My friends and I got dippin dots. I got cotton candy flavor and it was really good. My penpal and I had a really fun time at Sea Life Park.

On the last day, most of us were crying since we would most likely not see our penpals again. I was a bit sad to not see my penpal. We took them out to eat the night before too. We went to the mall and got something for ourselves. They wanted to go to certain stores, but they didn’t end up getting anything at all. Our sister was also there to help us since she had more experience hosting penpals than we did. I had so much fun with them and I do really wish that I could see them again someday later on int he future.

Well, that’s all for today,


Sleepovers With My Friends

Hi, it’s hmsleilani and today I am going to be talking about sleepovers with my friends.

We have had a ton of sleepovers. Mostly hosted by my sister and me. Our house is pretty big but is actually really small. Some people think that our house has a lot of room, but we barely have room for our own dining area. We have had like about 5 sleepovers at our place. We just love to have sleepovers. We are planning one right now, but we are not really sure about it just yet. The thing is, it’s not our place this time, so there wouldn’t be as much of a mess to clean up.

We are planning it at our friend’s house. My sister and I have never been to another person’s sleepover well except for once, but it was a really long time ago. We are planning a bunch of challenges for us to do. I am really excited about this one, but my friend lives all the way in Kailua, which is about a 30-minute drive away from us. That’s why we might be able to bring some friends with us along the way. My friend’s house seems pretty big by her descriptions, and by the looks of it on google maps.

We’re pretty sure about it being in March. We are planning to make it on our spring break since we will have nothing else to do besides just stay home all day long. Most people are busy on Saturday, so we scheduled it to go from Sunday to Monday. My other friend isn’t too sure if she will be making it which is a real bummer. She has a lot of things on her schedule. We told her to try to skip it, but it was meant as a joke. I really hope that everyone will be able to make it to the sleepover.

Well, that’s all for today